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Club Activities

The Club organises technical and social events for the benefit of all members. Most events are one day events held at picturesque locations in and near the Sydney area. Morning tea and lunch breaks provide a relaxing social get together for participants.

Technical Events include visits to Mercedes-Benz workshops with various topics such as car detailing, maintenance tips and smash repairs are covered during these excursions.

Social Outings such as boat cruises, theatre parties, long weekends away, are organized for members enjoyment. The annual Christmas picnic complete with Santa tops off the years events.

Drives, apart from those to particular destinations, include the following:

  • Navigation runs require the skills of driver and navigator to follow a given set of clues and find their way to the final destination.
  • Observation runs require the driver and passengers to answer questions using clues gathered at various points along a prescribed route. The car with the greatest correctly answered questions is the winner.
  • Economy runs involve driving a set route starting and finishing at an agreed point. The winner is the car using the least amount of fuel and prizes are awarded in petrol and diesel classes.

Concours d'Elegance
Concours d'Elegance is the highlight of the clubs activities. The New South Wales Club's Annual Concours d'Elegance is open to members from all Mercedes-Benz Clubs and attracts entries from around the country. Members enter their cars in the various model classes and compete for trophies including champion of champions. There is also a "Road Class" section where vehicles driven for every day use are judged.

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