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Historic Vehicle Registration

Club Plates provide a way for older vehicles to be registered in a way benefiting the club and the cars, not forgetting the owners.

Following are the main conditions of registering a car using Historic Plates.

Car must be a Mercedes-Benz 30 years or over
Must have a Road Worthy Certificate (Pink Slip)
Cost: $53 Registration and Green Slip Insurance paid to the RTA plus $5 administration fee payable to the Mercedes-Benz Club (NSW) Inc.

  • Car may be used on any Club event regardless of the distance needed to attend.
  • This applies to any Mercedes-Benz Club event in Australia.
  • Car is only able to be driven in a 10 Km of registered owners address for maintenance only (e.g. tire replacement repairs refueling but NOT as general transport).
  • If journey more than 10Km is necessary it must be logged with the Club Registrar (e.g. attending other car club displays etc.).

For further information please contact the Club Plate Registrar or the RTA.

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