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The Mercedes-Benz Club NSW has a substantial collection of literature pertaining to all things Mercedes-Benz. The contents include technical manuals, historical books, plus an assortment of DVD’s that are all available to all club members.

Our Club Library is keen to expand our range of Mercedes-Benz literature. Do you have any historical literature, Technical Manuals or any other written reference material that you would like to donate to our collection? By doing so, you not only create space in your own home, but you can share your Mercedes-Benz knowledge with your fellow MBCNSW members!

For more information, contact our Librarian whose details are on the Committee page.




AC Archive Club material Book, Booklet or Brochure. Paper Cover BP
CA Catalogue Compact Disc or Floppy disc CD
MB Mercedes general Digital Video Device DV
MD Mercedes dealer information Letter of folio (mixed) LT
MH Mercedes Handbook Magazine MG
MW Mercedes Workshop manual Newspaper NW
NO Non-Mercedes book Photos PH
BH Book Hard Back Tape Video TV


ReferenceTitleAuthor/Publisher and YearModels Covered (W)
C6 AC CD 225Around Australia in an ML2702004
C6 AC BP 439Benz West 1999, 2006 and 2010 Australuan National RallyMercedes-Benz Clubs of Australia 1999-10
C6 AC CD 234Canberra Rally 20052005
C6 AC CD 238Canberra Rally 20062006
C3 AC PH 180Club events - Bicentenary Nat. Rally, dinner, display day photosMBC NSW 1988
C3 AC PH 182Club events - Christmas Party 1988 and 1989 economy Run photosMBC NSW 1988-89
C3 AC PH 181Club events - June Economy Run, July Navigation Run, 1988 Concours photosMBC NSW 1988
C3 AC PH 179Club events - photo album (undated)MBC NSW
C6 AC CD 236Club events 2005 - Annual dinner2005
C6 AC CD 237Club events 2005 - Motorex, Humber Rookwood shootMarrtin Vilimovski 2005
C9 AC CD 152Club events 2005 and 2006 incl 2005 Eastern CreekJim Shipton 2005-6
C9 AC CD 153Club events 2006 - Classic DaysAlf 2006
C6 AC CD 155Club events 2006 - Concours - see 383)Paul 2006
C9 AC CD 154Club events 2006 - Concours preparation at Sam'sMBC NSW 2006
C6 AC CD 158Club events 2006 - Ron & Sylvie's Sale BBQRon and Sylvie 2006
C6 AC CD 157Club events 2006 - Shannon's Eastern CreekMBC NSW 2006
C6 AC CD 156Club events 2006 incl. Grand pacific drive, Western StarMBC NSW 2006
C6 AC CD 159Club events 2007 - MBC NSW 2007 Presentation DinnerMBC NSW 2007
C6 AC CD 163Club events 2008 - Life membership to Brian HopkinsMBC NSW 2008
C6 AC LT 450Club meeting, treasurer and event notes 2007MBC NSW 2007
C6 AC LT 451Club meeting, treasurer and event notes 2008MBC NSW 2008
C9 AC LT 356Concours D'Elegance folio MBC NSW 1978see 130 1978
C9 AC LT 354Concours D'Elegance folio MBC NSW 197xno record yet 197x
C9 AC LT 355Concours D'Elegance folio MBC NSW 197xsee 130 197x
C3 AC LT 357Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1979no record yet 1979
C3 AC LT 358Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1980no record yet 1980
C3 AC LT 359Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1981no record yet 1981
C3 AC LT 360Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1982no record yet 1982
C3 AC LT 361Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 19831983
C3 AC LT 362Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 19841984
C3 AC LT 363Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 19851985
C3 AC LT 364Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 19861986
C3 AC LT 365Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 19871987
C3 AC LT 366Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1988See 181 for photos 1988
C3 AC LT 367Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1989no record yet 1989
C3 AC LT 368Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1990no record yet 1990
C3 AC PH 369Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 19911991
C3 AC LT 370Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1992no record yet 1992
C3 AC LT 371Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1993no record yet 1993
C3 AC LT 372Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1994no record yet 1994
C3 AC LT 373Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1995no record yet 1995
C3 AC LT 374Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1996no record yet 1996
C3 AC LT 375Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1997no record yet 1997
C3 AC LT 376Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1998no record yet 1998
C3 AC LT 377Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 1999no record yet 1999
C3 AC LT 378Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2000no record yet 2000
C3 AC LT 379Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2001no record yet 2001
C3 AC LT 380Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20022002
C3 AC LT 381Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20032003
C3 AC LT 382Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20042004
C3 AC LT 383Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20052005
C3 AC LT 384Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20062006
C3 AC LT 385Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20072007
C3 AC LT 386Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20082008
C3 AC LT 387Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 20092009
C3 AC LT 388Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2010no record yet 2010
C3 AC LT 389Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2011no record yet 2011
C3 AC LT 390Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2012no record yet 2012
C3 AC LT 391Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2013no record yet 2013
C3 AC LT 392Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2014no record yet 2014
C3 AC LT 393Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2015no record yet 2015
C3 AC LT 394Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2016no record yet 2016
C3 AC LT 395Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2017no record yet 2017
C3 AC LT 396Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2018no record yet 2018
C3 AC LT 397Concours D'Elegance MBC NSW folio 2019no record yet 2019
C3 AC CD 226Concours photos 2003 - candid camera (go to 381)2003
C3 AC CD 227Concours photos 2004 (go to 382)Fuddle Duck 2004
C3 AC CD 224Concours photos 2005 - "Pre-" (go to 383)D Giemza 2005
C3 AC CD 229Concours photos 2005 (go to 383)MBC NSW 2005
C3 AC CD 230Concours photos 2006 (go to 384)Martin Lee 2006
C9 AC PH 217Das Rundschreiben - Various photos
C9 AC CD 160Das Rundschreiben Computer Files (Issue 175 -)MBC NSW 2003-
C9 AC CD 161Das Rundschreiben Computer Files (Issue 207)MBC NSW 2007
C9 AC CD 216Das Rundschreiben Floopy disc data filesMBC NSW
C9 AC MG 273Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1991
C9 AC MG 274Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1992
C9 AC MG 275Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1993
C9 AC MG 276Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1994
C9 AC MG 277Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1995
C9 AC MG 278Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1996
C9 AC MG 279Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1997
C9 AC MG 280Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1998
C9 AC MG 281Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 1999
C9 AC MG 282Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2000
C9 AC MG 283Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2001
C9 AC MG 284Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2002
C9 AC MG 285Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2003
C9 AC MG 286Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2004
C9 AC MG 287Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2005
C9 AC MG 288Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2006
C9 AC MG 295Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2007
C9 AC MG 296Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2008
C9 AC MG 297Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2009
C9 AC MG 298Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2010
C9 AC MG 300Das Rundschreiben IssueMBC NSW 2012
C9 AC MG 130Das Rundschreiben Issue 1 (2/72) - 36 (3-4/78) (Including Concours 2 and 3); and Issue 26 (new series) - 39 (11/80)MBC NSW 1972-80
C9 AC MG 299Das Rundschreiben Issue 226MBC NSW 2011
C9 AC MG 131Das Rundschreiben Issue 40 (1/81) - 63 (12/84)MBC NSW 1981-84
C9 AC MG 132Das Rundschreiben Issue 64 (2/85) - 81 (12/87)MBC NSW 1987-90
C9 AC MG 133Das Rundschreiben Issue 82 (2/88) - 1990MBC NSW 1991
C9 AC LT 129Founding Letter from Mr BrownMBC NSW 1971
C6 AC CD 233German Austrian night
C9 AC LT 330Library Report 20052005
C9 AC LT 219Library, Notes, Librarian report 2007, 2011Michael Parker, Ray Palmer. Simon Strauss 2007-11
C9 AC BP 164MBC ConstitutionMBC NSW 2009
C9 AC CD 165MBC ConstitutionMBC NSW
C9 AC CD 166MBC Constitution and Letter headMBC NSW 2004
C6 AC BP 440MBC NSW "A Personal Invitation to join the club"MBC NSW 2007
C6 AC PH 441MBC NSW Economy Run (some time 1974 to 1977)Peter Walker 1974-77
C6 AC CD 235Mercedes Picnic, Dr Conrad DornaverAlf
C6 AC CD 232National rally 2004Fuddle Duck 2004
C9 AC BP 242Pebble Beach Report 2008Sam Movisio 2008
C3 AC CD 221Salzberg 20002000
C3 AC CD 222Salzberg 2001Alf Scnitzhofer 2001
C3 AC CD 223Salzberg 2003Alf Scnitzhofer 2003
C3 AC CD 218Targa Tasmania 2003 floppy disc2003
C9 AC LT 167Various club documents and lettersMBC NSW
C6 AC CD 220Various computer files on floppy discMBC NSW
C6 AC CD 162Victorian Concours 2007Terry 2007
C6 CA BH 580[MB trucks] Mercedes-Benz Type MB 820 B/Bb Supplementary Spare Parts List Edn's A and EMB 1958
C6 CA BP 150Accessory Catalogue and Price List for MB Vehicles (64)York Motors Pty Ltd 1964
C6 CA BP 405Brooks Goodman 2nd Darling Harbour Clasic (11)Brooks Goodman 1998
C3 CA BP 193Performance Products - Your Mercedes Superstore2007
C6 CA BP 407Schatz exclusive Car Accessories 2002/2003Schatz 2002
C6 CA BP 48Solex Zenith Carburetters Bendix Catalogue
C3 MB BP 444[Benz 1886 Patent - copy in German presented by MB 2011]MH 1886
C6 MB TV 6031988 Mercedes Benz Rallye1988
C4 MB MG 435360 Degrees - Sustainabilty 2007DaimlerChrysler AG 2007
C4 MB BH 18950 Years of Classic CarsJonathan Wood 1994
C3 MB BP 183Allegiance to Originality (Sir Stirling Moss)MB 2005
C9 MB NW 197AMG C63Daily Telegraph - Cars Guide 2009
C9 MB MG 149Around the BenzMBC VIC 2006-
C6 MB BP 406Australia on WheelsDunlop, Shannons 2001
C4 MB MG 293Autocar Mercedes S500 (Road test)Autocar 1994
C4 MB MG 294Autocar Road Tests No. 1521: MB Type 220 SaloonAutocar 1954
C4 MB BP 254Automobilia (14) MercedesBruno Alfieri
C9 MB NW 198B-ClassDaily Telegraph - Cars Guide 2009
C6 MB TV 614Benz West (1999) Aust. Nat. Rally (2 copies)Martin Lee 1999
C3 MB MG 178Benzheimer FlosskelnVerein der Heckflossenfrunde e.V. 1997-99
C9 MB MG 457beNZscene (see also 146)MBC New Zealand 2005-09
C9 MB MG 146beNZscene (see also 457)MBC New Zealand 1999-05
C9 MB NW 196C-ClassDaily Telegraph - Cars Guide 2009
C3 MB LT 620Certificate of Appreciation to MBC NSWSydney 2000 2000
C6 MB BH 447Chiltern's Repair & Tune-Up Guide for the MB 2 [1968-73]Chiltern Book Company 1974
C4 MB BP 253Classic Fazination SL R/C 107Gunter Engelen 2001107
C4 MB BH 81Classic Mercedes BenzBrian Laban
C6 MB MG 139Club Directory 2009 [UK]MB Club Inc. (UK) 2009
C3 MB LT 621Club events - Boating Day, Katoomba & Jenolan Caves, Taronga Zoo, June Economy Run, July Navigation Run, Amaroo Historic Racing,1986 Concours, 1986 Presentation dinner, Autokhana; 1987 - Warragamba Dam, St Ives Agricultural Show, April Economy Run, Milton, Amaroo Driver Training, 1987 Concours - photosMB NSW [see 364 and 5] 1986-7
C6 MB MG 147Club Nachrichten - MB Veteranenclub SchweizMBC Switzerland 1998-
C3 MB BH 443Daimler Chronicle - presented by MB 2011MB 2011
C4 MB BP 412Das Daimler-Benz-MuseumDB
C6 MB MG 140Das RundschreibenMBC Stuttgart Car Club Inc 1991-
C3 MB MG 172De ZilversterMBC Holland (The Netherlands) 2003
C4 MB BH 243Die S-Klasse von Mercedes-BenzHeribert Hofner 1997
C3 MB BP 676driving experiences exhilaration at every turnMercedes-Benz World at Brooklands 2011
C4 MB BH 249Driving Force 70 Years of MB Diesel TechnologyAbele and Thomas 2006
C9 MB LT 672'E' W123 (1976-1985) 200-280E W124 (1984-1995) E320 E280 300E 260E 220E 230E W210 W211 (2003+) E500(V8) 320(V6) 270CDI 240(V6 2.6)various newspaper, magazine and dealer 123 124 210 211
C9 MB NW 195E-ClassDaily Telegraph - Cars Guide 2009
C9 MB LT 674E-Class G-Class M-Class Ponton R-Class W121various newspaper, magazine and dealer 121
C6 MB TV 611Formula Won - The 1999 Formula 1 SeasonMB 1999
C6 MB MG 137Gazette [Belgium]Club Belge 2006-
C6 MB MG 138Gazette [UK]MB Club Inc. (UK) 2009-
C3 MB MG 268Gazette [UK] - 1999 to 2001MB Club Inc. (UK) 1999
C3 MB MG 269Gazette [UK] - 2002 to 2004MB Club Inc. (UK) 2002
C9 MB LT 673General, A-Class, B-Class, CL-Class, CLK-Classvarious newspaper, magazine and dealer
C4 MB BP 255Gotlieb Daimler and Karl BenzFriedrich Schildberger 1976
C9 MB NW 194Grand Turismo 5 - MB SL55 AG 2002Daily Telegraph 2008
C4 MB BH 82Great Marques Mercedes Benz Copy 1Roger Bell 1985
C4 MB BH 83Great Marques Mercedes Benz Copy 2Roger Bell 1985
C6 MB MG 171HTR - Daimler HighTech ReportMB 2002-
C4 MB MG 418in aller Welt(no record yet) 1979-80
C4 MB MG 419in aller Welt(no record yet) 1981-82
C4 MB MG 420in aller Welt(no record yet) 1983-84
C4 MB MG 422in aller WeltMB 1990-91
C4 MB MG 638in aller Welt 101-119MB 1970-72
C4 MB MG 626in aller Welt 102-107MB 1970
C4 MB MG 627in aller Welt 108-113MB 1971
C4 MB BH 205in aller Welt 108E - 113EMB 1970-71
C4 MB MG 628in aller Welt 114-119MB 1972
C4 MB BH 206in aller Welt 114E - 119EMB 1972
C4 MB MG 629in aller Welt 120-125MB 1973
C4 MB MG 639in aller Welt 120-138MB 1973-75
C4 MB BH 207in aller Welt 120E - 125EMB 1973
C4 MB MG 630in aller Welt 125-130MB 1974-75
C4 MB MG 633in aller Welt 131-136MB 1974-75
C4 MB BH 208in aller Welt 131E - 136EMB 1974-75
C4 MB MG 634in aller Welt 137-144MB 1975-76
C4 MB BH 209in aller Welt 137E - 144EMB 1975-76
C4 MB MG 640in aller Welt 140-187MB 1976-90
C4 MB MG 635in aller Welt 145-150MB 1977
C4 MB BH 210in aller Welt 145E - 150EMB 1977
C4 MB MG 636in aller Welt 151-156MB 1978
C4 MB BH 211in aller Welt 151E - 156EMB 1978
C4 MB MG 637in aller Welt 157-162MB 1979
C4 MB MG 631in aller Welt 163-168MB 1980
C4 MB MG 421in aller Welt 202-222MB 1986-89
C4 MB MG 203in aller Welt 73 - 89EMB
C4 MB MG 625in aller Welt 89-96MB 1968-69
C4 MB MG 204in aller Welt 90E - 96EMB
C4 MB MG 624in aller Welt 97-100MB
C3 MB MG 173Info Classic Classic Motor Club del BagesMBC Spain 2000
C9 MB LT 678Magazine Exposicoes do BrasilMercedes-Benz Club Brasil 2011
C4 MB BH 75Magnificent MercedesGraham Robson 1981
C9 MB LT 669Maybach W220 +(2003) S600(V12) S430(V8) S350(V6 3.7) CL600/500 -(2002) S600(V12) S500(V8) S430(V8) S320(V6 3.2) CL600/500 W140 (Update) S500(V8) S420(V8) S320 500SE 400SE 320/300 600SECvarious newspaper, magazine and dealer 140 220
C6 MB BP 458MB Car Club of WA - Membership blad and applicationMBC WA
C9 MB MG 148MB Classic Car Club Inc (Hunter & Central Coast (NSW))MBC Hunter and Central Coast 2002-
C3 MB LT 560MB Classic Days Salzburg 2004MB 2004
C6 MB BP 410MB Classic Mercedes-Benz Museum 125 YearsMB 2011
C6 MB DV 240MB dreAMGalleryMB
C4 MB BP 411MB MuseumDB
C9 MB NW 168MB press release on 100 years of MBDaimler Chrysler 2000
C9 MB NW 169MB press releases on various modelsDaimler Chrysler 2001-2
C4 MB BH 448MB since 1945 V3: The 1970s 300, 380, 420 and 500SLJames Taylor 1986
C4 MB BH 187MB since 1945 V4: The 1980s 190, 200-320 and S-classJames Taylor 1994
C4 MB BP 250MB SL's and SLC's 1971 - 1989
C4 MB BH 248MB V8's 1963 to dateF Wilson McComb 1980
C9 MB MG 144MBC QLD 3rd Annual Concours (1975)MBC QLD 1975
C4 MB BP 317Mecerdes-Benz Buyers GuideLee Gohlike 1986
C9 MB MG 142MegastarMBC WA
C4 MB MG 424MercedesMB 1996-98
C4 MB MG 425MercedesMB 1999-01
C4 MB MG 426MercedesMB 2002-04
C4 MB MG 427MercedesMB 2005-08
C4 MB BP 290MercedesNigel Fryatt 1991
C4 MB BH 190Mercedes
C4 MB BH 272Mercedes (Copy 2)Jones 1983
C4 MB MG 423Mercedes (formerly "in aller Welt")MB 1992-93
C4 MB BP 325Mercedes 190 & 300SL 1954-1963 (Road tests)Brooklands Books
C4 MB BP 313Mercedes 190 1983 - 1993 (Road Tests)Brooklands Books 1993
C9 MB MG 213Mercedes 2/92 - 1/93MB 1991-3
C4 MB BP 303Mercedes 230/250/280SL 1963-1971 (Road tests)Brooklands Books
C6 MB MG 437Mercedes AustraliaMB 2001-4
C6 MB TV 609Mercedes Benz 1992 Adelaide Rallye1992
C4 MB BP 415Mercedes Benz Cars 1954-1957Brooklands Books
C4 MB BP 311Mercedes Benz Cars 1957-1961Brooklands Books
C4 MB BP 309Mercedes Benz Competition Cars 1950-1957 (Copy 1)Brooklands Books
C4 MB BP 310Mercedes Benz Competition Cars 1950-1957 (Copy 2)Brooklands Books
C4 MB BH 84Mercedes Benz poster bookRuiz
C4 MB BH 74Mercedes Enduring LegendWright 1991
C3 MB MG 123Mercedes Enthusiast
C4 MB BH 79Mercedes for the road 1946-74Henry Rasmussen 1984
C4 MB BH 71Mercedes History (Copy 1)Jones & Bishop
C4 MB BH 72Mercedes History (Copy 2)Jones & Bishop
C4 MB BH 246Mercedes in Motor SportAlan Henry 2001
C4 MB MG 429Mercedes Magazine(no record yet) 2011-13
C4 MB MG 430Mercedes Magazine(no record yet) 2013-15
C9 MB MG 214Mercedes MagazineMB 2005-
C4 MB MG 428Mercedes MagazineMB 2009-11
C4 MB BH 78Mercedes production models 1946-83Nitske
C4 MB BP 305Mercedes S and 600 1965-1972 (Road tests)Brooklands Books 1992
C4 MB BP 304Mercedes S class 1972-1979 (Road tests)Brooklands Books
C9 MB BP 192Mercedes SLs Performance portfolio 1989-1994R. M. Clarke
C4 MB BH 73Mercedes Stuttgart MuseumJones
C4 MB BP 414Mercedes-BenzJeff Groman 1984
C4 MB MG 433Mercedes-Benz Unimog+MB-tracMB 2007
C6 MB BH 446Mercedes-Benz 190 (Petrol) 1983 t0 1997Haynes
C4 MB BP 315Mercedes-Benz 190 and 190E (Raod Tests and Features)Unique Motor Books 1997
C6 MB BH 49Mercedes-Benz 230, 250 & 280 1968 thru 1972Haynes 1987
C3 MB MG 124Mercedes-Benz Classic-2002
C3 MB MG 125Mercedes-Benz Classic2003-
C6 MB TV 612Mercedes-Benz Classic Days Salzburg 20002000
C4 MB BP 314Mercedes-Benz E-ClassUnique Motor Books
C4 MB BP 312Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloons 1972-1992Trevor Adler 1996
C4 MB BP 316Mercedes-Benz From Kompressors to S-ClassDavid Sparrow; William Stobbs 1997
C6 MB MG 436Mercedes-Benz In AustraliaMB 1983-9
C6 MB LT 408Mercedes-Benz InsightMB Dealers of Australia
C4 MB BP 329Mercedes-Benz M-Class the Complete Story (2 copies)John Lamm 1997
C6 MB LT 622Mercedes-Benz Model Guide (nb move photos to 05MBC NSW
C4 MB BP 301Mercedes-Benz MuseumDaimlerChrysler AG 1999
C4 MB MG 431Mercedes-Benz Omnibus JournalMB 1987
C4 MB BH 619Mercedes-Benz SL & SLCLJK Setright 1986
C6 MB MG 438Mercedes-Benz Star News (4 copies)MB 2002
C4 MB MG 432Mercedes-Benz Transport (74-166)MB 1974-
C3 MB BP 675Mercedes-Benz World visitor guide.Mercedes-Benz 2011
C3 MB MG 177MVC DepescheMB Veteranen Club von Deutchland e.V. 1996
C4 MB BH 327Original Mercedes SLLaurence Merideth 1996
C3 MB MG 176PagodeMBC SL-Club Pagode E.V/ 1996
C6 MB CD 596Passion for Building Cars2005
C6 MB CD 617Press ReleaseDC AG
C9 MB LT 668R107/C107 (1971-1989) SL/SLC 280SL 560SL R109 R129 SL (1989-2002 300SL R129 SLKvarious newspaper, magazine and dealer 107 109 129
C4 MB BP 308Road & Track on Mercedes 1952-1962Brooklands Books
C4 MB BP 307Road & Track on Mercedes 1971-1979Brooklands Books
C4 MB BP 306Road & Track on Mercedes 1980-1987Brooklands Books 1987
C9 MB LT 670'S' Class W116 (1972-1980) 450/350/280 450SEl 6.9 W126 (1979-1991) 560/420/300/500/380/280 C126 (1981-1991) 380SEC-560SECvarious newspaper, magazine and dealer 116 126
C4 MB BH 188Southern Star Mercedes-Benz in Australia (Copy 1)Paul Roleff 2000
C4 MB BH 318Southern Star Merxedes-Benz in Australia (Copy 2)Paul Roleff 2000
C4 MB BP 326Sports Car Color History Mercedes-Benz SLJohn Heilig 1997
C9 MB MG 145Star ACT, Official NewsletterMBC ACT
C4 MB MG 434Stars & CarsMB 2003
C9 MB MG 143Super StarMBC QLD 1999-
C4 MB BH 77Supercharged MercedesHalwart Schrader; Carla Demand 1979
C3 MB MG 175Tahdelliset Suomen Mecedes-Benz KlubiMBC Finland 1996-04
C6 MB CD 597The Best or Nothing1990
C6 MB TV 610The Best or Nothing (100 Years of Motoring with Mercedes-Benz) (VHS)DB AG 1990
C3 MB LT 559The Classic CenterMB
C4 MB BH 319The Illustrated Motorcar Legends Mercendeds BenzRoy Bacon 1996
C4 MB BH 320The Mighty Mercedes (Copy 1)Michael Frostick 1973
C4 MB BH 321The Mighty Mercedes (Copy 2)Michael Frostick 1973
C3 MB MG 136The StarMBC America 2003-
C3 MB MG 584The StarMBC USA 1997
C9 MB MG 456The Star (see also 136)MBC America 2000-03
C9 MB MG 141The Star (see also 584)MBC SA 1999-
C6 MB MG 455The Star BoardMBC Canada 2000-03
C4 MB BH 76Three pointed StarMoncrieff
C6 MB MG 409TransGlobal DaimlerChrysler Global Transport ReviewDC AG 2001
C9 MB NW 252Various newspaper articles, Cars Guide, etc.SMH, Daily Telegraph, et al 1971-11
C9 MB LT 667W108/109 Stacked Headlights (1965-1972) W110 Finnie W111 220/230 300 3.5 W112 300SE 114/115 200-280E Compact (1968-1978)various newspaper, magazine and dealer 108 109 110 111 112 114 115
C9 MB LT 666W121 190SL (1955-1963) W198 1/198 11 300SL (1954-1963) W113 Pagoda 230/250/280SL (1963-1971)various newspaper, magazine and dealer 113 121 198
C6 MB CD 239W140 S-Class Promotion
C9 MB LT 665W186/188/189 (1951-1958) 300 a b c d W188 300S/Sc w100 (1963-1981) 600 Grosser MB Series Codesvarious newspaper, magazine and dealer 100 186 188 189
C6 MB CD 594W202 C-Class promo202
C9 MB LT 671W208 CLK W201 (1982-1993) 190E/190E 2.6/180E C (Update) 320/240/220/200/180 (1993-) 280/220/180 CLK Sports Coupevarious newspaper, magazine and dealer 201 208
C6 MB CD 595W210 E-Class CLK promo210
C9 MB MG 170Wheels Car of the Year [MB C-Class] (Copy 1)Wheels 2007
C4 MB MG 291Wheels Car of the Year [MB C-Class] (Copy 2)Wheels 2007
C4 MB BH 80Wheels on Fire Daimler Chrysler MergerDavid Waller
C3 MB MG 174Zpravodaj Mercedes-Benz klubu Ceske republikyMBC Czech Republic 1999
C3 MD BP 579[MB trucks]MB 1968
C3 MD BP 564200 D 220 DDB AG 1972
C3 MD BP 586230C 280C 280CEMB
C3 MD BP 647230E Australian SpecificationsMB Australia
C3 MD BP 649250 280 280EDB AG
C3 MD BP 483280 280 EDB
C3 MD BP 56230 Years of Accident Testing 50 Years of Passive SafetyMB AG 1989
C3 MD BP 490300 SEL Australian Specifications (2 copies)MB
C3 MD BP 588350 SCLDB AG
C3 MD BP 492420 SE Australian SpecificationsMB
C3 MD BP 493420 SEL Australian Specifications (2 copies)MB
C3 MD BP 46750 Years of Automotive Excellence in AustraliaMB 2008
C3 MD BP 496560 SEL Australian Specifications (3 copies)MB
C3 MD BP 495560 SLMB 1987
C3 MD BP 516AAAAAAAAAhhhhh! The A -class...MB AG 1998
C3 MD BP 589A-Class Mercedes BenzDB AG
C3 MD BP 514AMGMB 2006
C3 MD BP 513AMG Mercedes BenzMB 2003
C3 MD BP 679C-Class CoupeDaimler AG 2010
C3 MD BP 680C-Class Coupe price list Effective from June 1 2011 [PSD]Mercedes-Benz UK Limited 2011
C3 MD BP 466Corporate Design and Public Relations - A Guide to Their Use in Club WorkMB Classic Car Club International GmbH
C3 MD BP 653E-Class Coupe abd Cabriolet Brief InstructionsDaimler AG 2010
C3 MD BP 681E-Class Coupe and CabrioletDaimler AG 2009
C3 MD BP 563From the World's Most Experienced Car Maker, the Most Exciting Era EverDC AG 1998
C3 MD BP 519Genuine accessories for the A-Class 5-door and 3-door versionsDC AG 2005
C3 MD BP 528Genuine accessories for the C-Class Saloon and EstateDC AG 2006
C3 MD BP 532Genuine accessories for the CLK-Class Coupe & CabrioletDC AG 2006
C3 MD BP 541Genuine accessories for the E-Class Saloon & EstateDC AG 2006
C3 MD BP 544Genuine accessories for the M-ClassDC AG 2006
C3 MD BP 555Genuine accessories for the SLK-ClassMB AG 2006
C3 MD BP 575Introducing McIntosh of Mosman1999
C3 MD BP 464Manual for the Trade Name ClubMB 2005
C3 MD BP 569MB 200 to 400 SaloonsDB AG
C3 MD BP 503MB Automatic Power Steering, Air Conditioning SystemDB
C3 MD BP 463MB Driving Owner's Manual C-Class (set)MB
C3 MD BP 578MB O 309/O 309 D Omnibus
C3 MD BP 460MB Road Care (Service)MB
C3 MD BP 461MB Road Care (Service) - Approved Used CarMB
C3 MD BP 565Mercedes Benz (200 D up to 300 D)DB AG
C3 MD BP 546Mercedes Benz (The new S-Class)
C3 MD BP 473Mercedes Benz 200 230(4) 230(6) 250MB
C3 MD BP 568Mercedes-Benz - The new MB 280 and 280 E modelsDB AG
C3 MD BP 497Mercedes-Benz (1976)MB 1976
C3 MD BP 585Mercedes-Benz (200, 230 E, 250, 280 E)DB AG
C3 MD BP 484Mercedes-Benz (280 CE)DB AG
C3 MD BP 486Mercedes-Benz (300 E)MB
C3 MD BP 498Mercedes-Benz (Deisel) (circa 1976)MB
C3 MD BP 491Mercedes-Benz (S Class 380 SEL) (3 copies)MB
C3 MD BP 642Mercedes-Benz [190D]DB AG
C3 MD BP 648Mercedes-Benz [230TE Australian Specifcations]DB AG 1987
C3 MD BP 471Mercedes-Benz 190/190E (3 copies)MB
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