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Complete the application form and either mail it to the membership manager or bring it with you to a meeting.

Membership costs only $60 per annum plus $30 joining fee.

New Member Manager

All members seem to have one daunting thing in common when joining the Club and that is to feel a little uncomfortable trying to "fit in" when meeting a lot of new people, even though we have a common interest and love of Mercedes-Benz cars.

For this reason a New Member Manager has been appointed to look after new members and make them feel welcome when attending our monthly meetings and social events.

The New Member Manager can be found at meetings at the new members reserved table wearing a red hat. You can't miss it!


Mercedes-Benz Club NSW - since 1972

Established in 1972 as the Mercedes-Benz Club NSW by a group of Mercedes car enthusiasts with a common interest. The Club was officially incorporated under the NSW Associations Act in 1990.

The Club's membership includes owners, drivers and admirers of all models and vintages of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

As well as running its own state based events the club also maintains considerable co-operation with the other Mercedes-Benz clubs in Australia holding interstate tours and events. A National Rally is held in a host capital city every two years where interstate club members gather for a week of Mercedes social, car events, tours and car displays.

The Club is a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club Management which was created as a separate company of DaimlerChrysler in 1999, to promote and assist Mercedes-Benz clubs around the world.

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