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Conditional Registration Scheme

The Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW proudly participates in the Conditional Registration System under the jurisdiction of Service New South Wales. This system allows for the conditional registration of unmodified historic vehicles over 30 years of age. Additionally, through our collaboration with the Council of Motor Clubs, we extend our participation to the Classic Vehicle Scheme, catering to modified vehicles exceeding 30 years of age.

Furthermore, our club is registered for the ongoing logbook trial, providing an extra 60 days per year for personal use. However, all such usage must be logged before embarking on your journey.

Conditions for Conditional Registration

Service New South Wales now mandates that only original documentation be counter-signed by the Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW. This is essential to verify current financial membership and ensure vehicle compliance with the relevant Conditional Registration Scheme. At the same time, physical vehicle inspection is preferred; if it is unfeasible, comprehensive digital photos must be provided to demonstrate compliance.

Completion of paperwork and payment to Service New South Wales must be made by the registration due date. Additionally, members must annually provide a current authorised Safety Certificate (Pink Slip) or (Blue Slip) per the requirements of each applicable scheme for each vehicle.

To ensure compliance with our obligations, members must promptly provide details of their conditional registration to the club, enabling the inclusion of vehicle details in our database.

Please note that Service New South Wales can alter scheme requirements. The owners are responsible for remaining familiar with and compliant with the scheme, as stiff penalties apply for non-compliance.

Operation Requirements

According to the Roads & Maritime Services, the Certificate of Approved Operations issued by RMS at registration must always be carried in the car.

On logbook days, completion of the logbook is mandatory before departure. Each day is 24 hours from entry; part days are not permissible.

Membership Compliance

Membership must always remain current to comply with Roads & Maritime Services’ requirements. Failure to maintain financial membership status will result in the vehicle(s) not being registered for driving on public roads, and compulsory third-party insurance will not be applicable.

More Info:

For further information please contacthistoric_registration@mbcnsw.org.au and Service New South Wales

For details on the applicable Scheme click on the links below:

Conditional Registration: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/conditional.html

Historic Vehicle Scheme: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/historic-vehicles/index.html

Classic Vehicle Scheme: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/index.html

Log Book Trial: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/log-book-trial.html

Simple Steps to Secure Historic Registration:

  1. Club Membership: If you’re not already a member, join the Club here. Your membership will be ratified at the next meeting or upon becoming a financial member.
  2. Vehicle Eligibility: Ensure your car is 30 years old.
  3. Original Condition: Confirm your car’s original condition. If modified, a different registration scheme called the Classic Scheme is applicable. Refer to the provided link for details.
  4. Photographic Evidence: Capture and send photographs of the exterior and engine bay to the Historic Plate Registrar.
  5. Documentation: Obtain an RMS 1259 Historic Registration Declaration form. The link is at the top of the page.
  6. Safety Certificate: Secure a Safety Certificate (pink slip), not a BLUE SLIP. Fill in the number and date on the Historic Registration Declaration form.
  7. Submission: Send the completed form and a copy of the pink slip to a Historic Plate Registrar (details below). Include a Stamped self-addressed envelope for processing.
  8. Office Visit: Attend a Service NSW office with the 1259 form. Complete a 4-page registration form (1246 Application for Conditional Registration). Refer to the provided link for details.
  9. Registration Confirmation: Inform the club registrar of your new registration plate number for our Club records.

Embark on your journey with historic registration hassle-free! 🚗✨

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