Historic Registration


Conditional Registration Scheme

Under the auspices of Service New South Wales the Club is a participant in the Conditional Registration System which allows for conditional registration for unmodified historic vehicles over 30 years of age. 

In addition, through our association with the Council of Motor Clubs, we also participate in the Classic Vehicle Scheme, for vehicles which are modified and greater than 30 years of age.

The Club is also registered to participate in the current log book trial which provides an additional 60 days per annum for personal use. All such usage must be entered into the log book prior to departure on your journey.

Conditional Registration

Service New South Wales will now only accept original documentation to be counter-signed by the Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW. This is to verify current financial membership and that the vehicle complies with the requirements of the applicable Conditional Registration Scheme.

If we are unable to physically view your vehicle (which is strongly preferred) then you will need to provide comprehensive digital photos to demonstrate that your vehicle complies with the requirements of the applicable scheme.

Paperwork needs completion and payment to Service New South Wales by the registration due date. The Club requires members to provide annually a current authorised Safety Certificate (Pink Slip) or (Blue Slip) as may be required by each applicable scheme for each vehicle. 

The Safety Certificate is now valid for 6 months from date of inspection (recently increased from 42 days), so conditional registration must be completed within this timeframe.

To ensure that the Club complies with its obligations, you must provide details of your conditional registration to the Club as soon as known so that we may include your vehicle details in our database.

Please note that Service New South Wales can vary the requirements of the applicable scheme and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that they remain familiar with and compliant with the scheme, as stiff penalties apply for non-compliance.

Conditional Registration is a privilege, not a right and abuse of the scheme will not be tolerated.


It is a requirement of the Roads & Maritime Services that the Certificate of Approved Operations, issued by RMS at registration, be carried in the car at all times.

If on a log book day then the log book will need to be completed prior to departure. A day is a 24hour period from entry, part days are not permissible.


Membership MUST be current at ALL times to comply with the Roads & Maritime Services’ requirements. If your membership lapses (that is, you become non-financial), is rescinded or renewal is refused, then your car or cars are NOT registered for driving on public roads and you do NOT have compulsory third party insurance.

More Information

For further information please contact historic_registration@mbcnsw.org.au and Service New South Wales

For details on the applicable Scheme click on the links below:

Conditional Registration: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/conditional.html

Historic Vehicle Scheme: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/historic-vehicles/index.html

Classic Vehicle Scheme: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/index.html

Log Book Trial: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/log-book-trial.html