Concours d’Elegance


The Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW presents

Concours d’Elegance: A Celebration of the Marque



Each year at the Annual MBCNSW an impressive display of classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles is displayed for judging.

Whilst the display represents a magnificent display for visitors to the event and a means to learning more about the heritage of the oldest automotive brand that dates back to the early 1900’s, for the owners of these vehicles it is the culmination of hours of preparation and in many cases considerable expense as vehicles undergo restoration and detailing.

Judging of the event is based on the international concours judging rules as adopted by many major judging events. The goal is simple; to ensure that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are preserved to original and authentic condition. A Mercedes-Benz vehicle should be restored to the same condition, or as close as possible to when it originally left the Mercedes-Benz factory. 

Whilst the ultimate honour is to be recognised with an award on the day, equally important is the opportunity to speak freely with other owners of similar vehicles and to gain ideas on how to further improve their own vehicle in preparation for future events. Very few cars ever reach the point of perfection and only through the identification of what may be the smallest detail can a vehicle be further improved to that totally original condition. 

Judging of the event is carried out by members of the club although at times we may invite additional judges from another club or organisation. Any member of the club is invited, in fact encouraged. To be a judge on the day, judges must have completed the Mercedes-Benz Club of America judging course. It is an extensive online course that can be viewed at a time convenient to our members any time prior to the concours event. 



Why become a judge?

After viewing the above training program members will very clearly understand the judging process. By the completion of the event, as a judge, they will have studied in detail competing vehicles, including their own and gain a clear understanding of where points are won and lost. Members will walk away knowing their vehicles has been fairly judged by their fellow club members who have very specific and detailed knowledge of the models. Remembering that concours is all about originality, specific knowledge of a car to the tiniest degree is essential. Sharing of our knowledge amongst fellow members will help us all to further restore our cars to originality. Judges will be grouped to focus on that class they are most familiar with. They may also judge their own vehicle. Only the car is being judged, not who owns it, who has restored it or the cost of restoration. 

We would hope that all entrants participate in the judging process as the greater sharing of knowledge will only help us all. After all, let’s not forget it is a fun and enjoyable event and full participation will ensure a successful day. 


Rules & Days of Operation

  1. Entry is open to financial members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW and other Mercedes-Benz clubs.
  2. Entrants’ vehicles must be listed on the MBCNSW database. (Interstate club vehicles exempt).
  3. The entrant must be the registered owner. Each owner may enter up to two vehicles.
  4. The cost to enter the Concours D’Elegance is $75 per vehicle. Entries must be made via the Eventbrite booking system only (linked via the MBCNSW website).
  5. All vehicles entered must be a minimum of 10 years old. Registration plates must be attached.
  6. “Modified” vehicles must be entered into the Modified Concourse Class.
  7. After having won its class, a vehicle may only be entered in its class competition again if it satisfies any of the following:
    1. travelled at least 10,000km,
    2. not entered for the next two MBCNSW Concours events.
  8. Champion of Champions Class is for those vehicles that have won their class within the previous two years. After winning Champion of Champions, the conditions of Rule 7 will apply.
  9. Open top vehicles must be presented with a top (hard or soft) in place.
  10. Fitted seat covers are not permitted and will incur penalty points.
  11. All five wheels will be judged where factory fitted.
  12. Underbody inspection will be limited to underneath mudguards and exposed exhaust.
  13. Entrants must be available to start their Vehicles for the judges when required. Failure to do so will mean the car will not be judged.