Club History

Origins of the Mercedes-Benz Club NSW (Inc)

The Mercedes-Benz Club NSW (Inc), was founded by a group of 9 Mercedes-Benz car enthusiasts with a common interest on Saturday 29th January, 1972, in the Sydney suburb of East Lindfield. The Club was officially incorporated under the NSW Associations Act in 1990.

The club’s first event was a picnic held at Sydney’s Queen Elizabeth Park, on Sunday, 6th February 1972.

The Club’s membership includes owners, drivers and admirers of all models and vintages of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

As well as running its own state based events the club also maintains considerable co-operation with the other Mercedes-Benz clubs in Australia holding interstate tours and events. A National Rally is held in a host state or territory every two years where interstate club members gather for a week of Mercedes-Benz social & car events, tours and car displays.

The Club is a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club Management, which was established to promote and assist Mercedes-Benz clubs around the world.