Club History

The Mercedes-Benz Club NSW (Inc)

Club History The Mercedes-Benz Club NSW (Inc) Originating from the shared zeal of nine Mercedes-Benz specialists, the Mercedes-Benz Club NSW (Inc) traces its beginnings back to Saturday, January 29th, 1972, when enthusiasts congregated in East Lindfield, a suburb of Sydney. In 1990, the club formally obtained its incorporation under the NSW Associations Act.

The club’s inaugural gathering unfolded on Sunday, February 6th, 1972, as members convened for a picnic at Sydney’s Queen Elizabeth Park.

Membership within the club encompasses individuals who possess, drive, or appreciate Mercedes-Benz vehicles spanning various models and eras.

Beyond organising local events, the club nurtures strong ties with other Mercedes-Benz clubs nationwide, facilitating interstate tours and collaborative events. Biennially, a National Rally is held in a designated state or territory, attracting members from diverse regions for a week of Mercedes-Benz-themed social engagements, automotive showcases, tours, and exhibitions.

As an esteemed member of Mercedes-Benz Club Management, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to championing and bolstering Mercedes-Benz clubs globally.