Model Advisors

Model Advisors

The cornerstone of our club lies in the expertise and dedication of our Model Advisors, who serve as invaluable resources for fellow members in navigating the intricacies of their specific Mercedes-Benz models.

Our Model Advisors embody a deep passion for their respective specialties. They are committed to providing comprehensive technical insights, guidance on parts and services, purchasing tips and other valuable advice.

With a network of like-minded members who share similar vehicles, our Model Advisors foster a supportive community where knowledge and experiences are exchanged freely.

Furthermore, they are pivotal in organising model-specific events that bring enthusiasts together to celebrate their love for Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Their contributions extend beyond face-to-face interactions. They actively contribute model-relevant articles to our club magazine, Star Torque, and engage with members through electronic forums like Facebook, ensuring that expertise and assistance are readily accessible to all.

You can contact the Model Advisor Director listed below for guidance about their Mercedes-Benz vehicle or to be connected with a specific Model Advisor for personalised assistance. Additionally, our club library houses a wealth of technical and service manuals available for reference.

Model Advisor Contact

Model Advisor Director: