Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)

All members of the club can take advantage of their access to the full Mercedes-Benz parts catalogue for all vehicles manufactured after 1946.

Many people only wish to call or walk into their local dealership and ask for a specific part they require. The dealer will no doubt ask some particulars of their vehicle to ensure the part is correct for their car and advise of a price and delivery time.

EPC4However, we as club members now have the option of searching the EPC to determine the part number ourselves. This opens up a world of options, such as cross referencing parts across models and determining if there are other optional parts available for our cars that can still be purchased. Of course, with the part number it is very easy to then search online for a cheaper option, just beware that the quality of those cheaper parts will invariably be inferior to the genuine Mercedes-Benz part from the dealer.

By entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the EPC (for vehicles manufactured after approximately 1982), you can view the specific parts that fit your car, which is extremely helpful when variations
on a part were fitted over the model’s lifetime, or even just for different markets.

Also the vehicle’s Data Card is viewable which shows the original engine number, gearbox number, order number, paint code(s), trim code and a list of option codes. This comes in very handy when looking at a second hand car for example and determining if it has the original components still fitted. By deciphering the order number, you can even tell to what country the car was originally delivered.

The EPC also shows an exploded view of each area of the car showing where the parts fit and contains consumables and materials that are not vehicle specific, such as paint cans and rolls of upholstery.


Access is gained through the ClubLounge and members can find their login username on the back of the card (beginning with NSW for members of our club).

Our club has several members who are very familiar with the EPC and are willing to help out those that find the whole thing quite daunting. Contact the Secretary to begin with and help will be on its way.

In the meantime, please click here for a user guide.